YNS Meet Results (2017-2018)

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YNS YMCA Short Course Meet Results

YNS Invitational Meet (Beverly - Oct 15)

YNS Virtual Meet (Beverly Oct 21)

2018 YNS Candy Cane Classic (Beverly - Dec 9th)


YNS USA Short Course Meet Results

Reid Sacco 2017 (Nov 3-5th) Beverly

YNS Distance Meet (Jan 13th) Beverly

NE YNS Regionals (Feb 9th-11th) Beverly


YNS USA Long Course Meet Results

YNS LCM Team Specialty Meet (April 20th - 21st)

YNS LCM Team Specialty Meet (May 5th - 6th)

Shark Frenzy Meet (May 19th)

YNS Team Specialty with Distance (June 3rd)

2018 NE YNS Trials/Finals Meet (June 22nd-24th)

2018 NE YNS Last Chance Meet (July 6th-8th)