YNS Meet Results (2012-2013)

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YNS YMCA Short Course Meet Results

Virtual Meet 2012 (Oct 27th)

Spooky Splash 2012 (Nov 3rd)

LVO vs Melrose Dual Meet (Nov 17th)

LVO vs Burbank Dual Meet (Dec 1st)

Beverly Dual Meet (Jan 12th)


YNS USA Short Course Meet Results

Reid Sacco 2012 (Nov 9th)

Specialty Meet 2013 (Jan 5th/6th)

Regionals 2013 (Feb 15th-17th)

NE Senior Elite LCM Open Championship(Feb 28th - March 3rd)

YNS USA Long Course Meet Results

May 19th Distance Meet

YNS vs Crimson Dual 1-2 June 2013

Michael A. Boudreau Memorial Trials/Finals Meet (June 28th-30th)

YNS vs Bluefish Dual July 5-6th 2013

Last Year's Results